Commands & Permissions

List of Commands

Command Usage Aliases Description Permission
/channel /channel <channel_id> [message] /c Send a message or switch to a chat channel
/huskchat /huskchat <about/reload> N/A View plugin information and reload huskchat.command.huskchat
/msg /msg <player> <message> /m, /tell, /w, /whisper, /message, /pm Send a private message to a player huskchat.command.msg
/reply /reply <message> /r Quickly reply to a private message huskchat.command.msg.reply
/socialspy /socialspy /ss Lets you view other users’ private messages huskchat.command.socialspy
/localspy /localspy /ls Lets you view messages sent in other local chat channels huskchat.command.localspy
/broadcast /broadcast /alert Lets you send a broadcast across the server huskchat.command.broadcast
/optoutmsg /optoutmsg N/A Lets you “opt-out” of a group private message you are in huskchat.command.optoutmsg
Shortcut commands /<shortcut_command> <message> N/A Quickly send a message in or switch to a chat channel Channel send permission, e.g.

Channel send and receive permissions

Channels also have their own permission to send and receive to.

You can configure these in the channel config file, but by default they are<channel>.receive. Channels without permissions set do not require the permission node to talk in.

Chat formatting permissions

Formatting messages also has its own permission to allow users to use minedown.

You can apply the node, huskchat.formatted_chat, to allow players to format there messages with any Minedown formatting. Any users attempting to use formatting without the node will simply send the format in chat as a normal message, having the format in the configuration file be used instead.