Commands & Permissions

This page contains a list of the various commands HuskTowns provides and the needed permissions for them.

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List of Commands

Hereโ€™s the list of HuskTowns commands and the relevant permission nodes. Many of these also have command aliases you can use. Some of them can also be used with the respective /town subcommand.

Command Usage Description Permission
/town /town <command> (see below) Create, manage & view details about towns
/claim /claim Claim the chunk you are in for your town husktowns.command.claim
/unclaim /unclaim Unclaim a claimed chunk you are standing in husktowns.command.unclaim
/claimlist /claimlist [town] [page] View a list of a townโ€™s claims husktowns.command.claimlist
/townlist /townlist [sort by] [page] View an ordered list of towns husktowns.command.townlist
/promote /promote <player> Promote a player to a trustee in your town husktowns.command.promote
/demote /demote <player> Demote a trustee of your town husktowns.command.demote
/map /map View a map of nearby claims
/invite /invite <player> Invite a player to join your town husktowns.command.invite
/evict /evict <player> Kick a player from your town husktowns.command.evict
/farm /farm Make a claimed chunk into a town farm
/plot /plot [set/unset/assign/claim/unclaim] Make then manage a plot within your town husktowns.command.plot
/townchat /townchat <message> Send a message to members of your town husktowns.command.townchat
/transfer /transfer <player> Transfer ownership of your town husktowns.command.transfer
/autoclaim /autoclaim Automatically claim chunks as you walk husktowns.command.claim
/adminclaim /adminclaim Admin-claim the chunk you are standing in husktowns.administrator
/admintown /admintown <autoclaim/claim/unclaim/...> Manage admin claims and features husktowns.administrator
/ignoreclaims /ignoreclaims Toggle administrator claim override husktowns.administrator.ignore_claims
/townbonus /townbonus <add/clear/view> <town> [bonus max claims] [bonus max members] Grant towns bonus claims or members husktowns.administrator
/husktowns /husktowns <about/help/update/reload> View information about HuskTowns husktowns.command.husktowns

/town Command

Hereโ€™s the available options for the /town command. All commands require the permission as well as any additional permissions if applicable in the table.

Syntax Description Prerequisite Permission
/town create <name> Create a new town with the name Must not be in a town husktowns.create_town
/town settings [town] View & modify town options Must be a trustee of a town (to edit)
/town flag [town] <chunk_type> <flag> <value> Modify town flags for each claim type Must be a trustee of a town
/town deposit <$ amount> Deposit money into your town coffers Must be in a town
/town leave Leave the town you are in Must be in a town
/town rename <new name> Rename your town Must be the town mayor
/town setspawn Set the town spawn where youโ€™re standing Must be a trustee of a town and stand in a claim
/town spawn Teleport to your townโ€™s spawn Must be in a town with a spawn set Optional husktowns.bypass_warmup bypasses warmup time
/town info <town> View information about a town (N/A) (N/A)
/town player <player> View information about a player (N/A)
/town greeting <new message> Set a new town greeting message Must be a trustee of a town
/town farewell <new message> Set a new town farewell message Must be a trustee of a town
/town bio <new bio> Set a new town bio Must be a turstee of a town
/town chat <message> See /townchat Must be in a town husktowns.command.townchat
/town list See /townlist (N/A) husktowns.command.townlist
/town claims See /claimlist (N/A) husktowns.command.claimlist
/town claim See /claim Must be a trustee of a town husktowns.command.claim
/town unclaim See /unclaim Must be a trustee of a town husktowns.command.unclaim
/town invite <player> See /invite Must be a trustee of a town husktowns.command.invite
/town evict <player> See /evict Must be a trustee of a town husktowns.command.evict
/town map See /map (N/A)
/town promote <player> See /promote Must be the town mayor husktowns.command.promote
/town demote <player> See /demote Must be the town mayor husktowns.command.demote
/town plot [set/unset/assign/claim/unclaim] See /plot Must be a trustee of a town husktowns.command.plot
/town transfer <player> See /transfer Must be the town mayor husktowns.command.transfer
/town help [page] View a list of HuskTowns commands (N/A) (N/A)

Additional permissions

  • husktowns.*- Grant ALL permissions
  • husktowns.administrator - Grant ALL command permissions AND admin functions including access to make & build in admin claims, reload the plugin and check for updates.
  • husktowns.player - A simple pack granting players all the command permissions they need (not admin functions and claiming).
  • husktowns.commands, husktowns.command.* - Grant ALL command permissions.
  • husktowns.bypass_warmup - Grants the ability to bypass the teleport warmup countdown. If you are integrating with HuskHomes, then the settings and permissions for this are controlled by that plugin. See the HuskHomes wiki for information on this.

Command aliases

โ„น๏ธ You can make your own command aliases in the spigot-provided commands.yml

  • /town: /t
  • /unclaim: /delclaim, /abandonclaim
  • /claimlist: /claims, /claimslist
  • /promote: /trust
  • /demote: /untrust
  • /townlist: /towns, /townslist
  • /townchat: /tc