LuckPerms Contexts

If you are using LuckPerms and would like to restrict performing certain commands or actions in claims on your server, or restrict based on a playerโ€™s town, their role and other HuskTowns data, you can make use of the additional LuckPerms contexts provided by HuskTowns to do so!


  • LuckPerms v5.3+ installed on your server
  • HuskTowns installed on your server
  • In HuskTownsโ€™ config.yml, ensure enabled: is set to true under the integrations --> luckperms section of the file.

Contexts provided by HuskTowns

โ„น๏ธ See the LuckPerms Wiki for how to make use of contexts.

Context Description
husktowns:claim-town name of the town claiming the player is standing in
husktowns:in-claim true/false if a player is in a claim or not
husktowns:can-build true/false if a player can place and break blocks
husktowns:can-open-containers true/false if a player can use containers
husktowns:can-interact true/false if a player can interact (right click) with blocks and entities
husktowns:standing-in-own-town true/false if a player is standing in a claim owned by the town they are in
husktowns:is-town-member true/false if a player is a member of a town
husktowns:town name of the town the player is in
husktowns:town-role the playerโ€™s role in their town; mayor, resident or trusted