Luckperms Contexts

HuskTowns provides additional Permission Contexts for LuckPerms, letting you restrict permission access based on contextual factors determined by HuskTowns.

If you wish to, for instance, restrict certain commands behind a player being in a town, this is how you can do so.


  • LuckPerms v5.3+ installed on your server
  • HuskTowns installed on your server
  • In HuskTowns' config.yml, ensure luckperms_contexts_hook is enabled under general.

HuskTowns-provided contexts

✅ See the LuckPerms Wiki for how to make use of contexts.

husktowns:claim-townName of the town claiming the player is standing in
husktowns:in-claimtrue/false; if a player is in a claim or not
husktowns:can-buildtrue/false; if a player can place and break blocks
husktowns:can-open-containerstrue/false; if a player can use containers
husktowns:can-interacttrue/false; if a player can interact (right click) with blocks and entities
husktowns:standing-in-own-towntrue/false; if a player is standing in a claim owned by the town they are in
husktowns:is-town-membertrue/false; if a player is a member of a town
husktowns:townName of the town the player is in
husktowns:town-roleThe player's role in their town; mayor, resident or trusted
husktowns:town-levelThe level of the town the player is in