Map Integration

HuskTowns has optional support for integrating with popular server web map plugins. The following map plugins are supported:

If enabled, HuskTowns will add markers to your map showing the location of public homes and warps all over your server! You can then click on them to bring up information about the home/warp and a description. This can be great to allow players to plan their next journey and help identify locations on your server world.


  1. Make sure you have one of the supported map plugins installed on your server and that it is running the latest version.
  2. Turn off your server and navigate to plugins/HuskTowns/config.yml
  3. Scroll down until you find the map section in config.
  4. Under map, make sure enabled: is set to true
  5. Also under map, ensure plugin: is set to one of the supported plugins:
  6. Start your server and it will populate your map with markers wherever there are public homes or warps.

Advanced options

Marker set name

You can change the name of the toggelable marker set by changing the marker_set_name value.

    marker_set_name: 'Towns'

Town colors

You can change whether towns on the map use the same default color, or display in their town's determined custom color. Admin claims will always use the admin town color.

    use_town_colors: true # If true, use towns determined custom color. If false, use the default_town_color below.
    default_town_color: '#4af7c9'


You can change the appearance of the claim chunk squares on the maps using the other settings in the map section.

    claim_fill_opacity: 0.5 # The opacity of the square
    claim_stroke_opacity: 0 # The opacity of the square outline (0 means this is hidden by default)
    claim_stroke_weight: 1 # The weight of the square outline (hidden by default since the opacity is 0)