Multi Cluster Setup

It's possible to have multiple independent clusters of servers linked with HuskTowns installed running through the same proxy server (Bungee/Waterfall). This works the same way it does with my other plugin, HuskHomes.

Multi-cluster setup

  1. For each cluster of servers, set the cluster_id under bungee_options to a different integer. For instance, cluster ID 0 for one cluster and cluster ID 1 for another. Also ensure that the server id is set correct for each server and enable_bungee_mode is set to true. This will prevent teleportation back and forth between servers on different clusters.
  2. For each cluster of servers, use a different database for mySQL. If you don't or can't run things on a different database, change the names of the tables to something different under table_names. If you don't do this, home data, warp data, etc will be shared between clusters of servers.
  3. Restart all the servers and give it a test.