Welcome to the HuskTowns roadmap!

This is a roadmap of the plans for future versions of HuskTowns and my plans for it. I get a lot of feature requests for the plugin with users wanting to do things and coming up with their own solution, so this page acts as my interpretation and planning of stuff. This page can be added to and changed at any time and doesn't guarantee I will add it - especially not exactly to the specification described, but rather should give you an indication of what my plans are for implementing commonly requested features.


HuskTowns is designed to be a simple bungee-compatible Towny-style protection plugin.

  • Simple: The plugin must be easy-to-use and not be bogged down with complicated command syntax and stuff designed to cater to edge-case features. Players should be able to use the plugin without having to refer to a guide.
  • Bungee-compatible: Everything should work cross-server on a network of proxied bungee/waterfall/etc servers. The plugin is designed from the bottom-up to work this way, features must work just as well on a network of five servers as they do on one.
  • Towny-style: The plugin is based on the original Towny style of town-owned claims. That is, players can create towns, make claims, manage plots and build a community. This does not mean the plugin is designed to copy Towny, but rather be in that vein and be just as powerful (at least eventually).
  • Protection: The plugin will protect player's stuff from grief in any way imaginable (within reason of course), it shouldn't have any exploits.
  • Plugin: The plugin is a Minecraft Spigot plugin, though does run a bit better on paper as that can make use of Paperlib features. I can't guarantee support for every paper fork but it should work. I don't have plans for sponge, etc versions.

The roadmap

⚠️ The roadmap does not provide dates for when features will be added, but is in approximate order of priority to be added.

More options for how the claim border particles appear

Allow towns to pick their own color code

  • By default towns should use the randomly generated code though
  • Tracked in Issue #43

"Open to join" towns

  • Towns that you can join without needing an invite
  • Mayors should be able to enable this with /town open
  • Tracked in Issue #35

"dummy account" towns

  • Towns that are owned by a Dummy Player, meaning they aren't owned by any real player or account
  • These towns are always active even after there are no real players in them
  • "/admintown create town"
  • Tracked in Issue #39

Improved town coffers system + plot taxing and selling

  • I'd like to make it possible to (optionally via the config) withdraw from your town coffers.
    • This should be an action restricted to the mayor(?).
    • It should not be possible to withdraw more than it would to decrease the town's level such that it would not be able to sustain the number of claims and members it has.
  • I'd like to make it possible for mayors, when making plots, to set a price for plots (/plot setprice, /plot setrent), to set a price for initially claiming the plot and rent respectively. Both will be zero by default.
  • Rent and price payments will go directly into the town coffers (thus increasing the town level!)
  • I'd like to add a feature whereby server admins can impose a regular tax on towns.
    • The tax rate should be based on the town's level multiplied by the number of claims and members and could be charged at configurable intervals (default: hourly).
  • Tracked in Issue #36

Confirmation when spending money

  • Just a message saying "Are you sure you want to spend X to do Y?"
  • Bit finicky to implement, which is why I haven't, but not really that hard.
  • Should probably also be a thing in HuskHomes, too.
  • Tracked in Issue #37

Allow import from Towny

  • Requires me doing a bunch of tedious Towny API testing and work. I'd also like to get taxable / price set town plots done first as that's a major feature. Towny also has a bunch of stuff that Husk Towns does not like nations.
  • Tracked in Issue #8

βœ… Done features

These features have been implemented and so are no longer in the roadmap

More customization with translatable strings.

  • At the moment there's a bunch of stuff that you can't customize the color of due to technical restrictions.
  • Tracked in Issue #27

Ability to delete all claims with /delclaim all

  • This should definitely have a big red confirmation message, but should be possible - will require some cache updating cross-server.
  • Tracked in Issue #21

Town flag system

  • The /flags (/town flags) command will be introduced
  • The command will bring up a chat interface allowing players to toggle flags for their town letting players control options about what can be done in them by claim members and other settings. Examples:
    • Mob spawning
    • Explosion damage
    • Fire damage (Currently not actually protected at all. Most servers have fire tick off but this should still be a thing)
    • Mob griefing
    • PvP
    • Ability to creative fly(?)
  • Only the town mayor(?) will be able to change flags
  • Town flags will be able to be set for each type of chunk (regular, plot, farm)
  • The config file will contain the default flag settings for a town
  • /admintown flags will let admins change the flags for admin claims
  • Tracked in Issue #31

Better help menu for /town

  • I'd like to make it so /town help displays a list of the /town subcommands rather than the big generic help menu. This will be more intuitive and helpful for new players. The old help menu will still be accessible with /husktowns help.
  • Tracked in Issue #34

Shift+Right click with inspection tool to view all claim borders in a 5-chunk radius