Better Call Saul for the Nintendo DS.


For the best experience, copy bcsds.nds to a flash cart of your choice and run it on hardware.

You can emulate it using No$gba, DeSMuME or MelonDS (the latter of which you must enable DLDI mode in the config).

Touch the screen to start the game (once you've had enough of the title screen). To play, you need to move the randomly shuffled spliced numbers into the four slots to match Mesa Verde's address† - 1216 (one after Magna Carta)! Keep sound on for the best experience.

Doesn't Jimmy switch the numbers to 1261 in the show? → I think if you double check you'll see that 1216 is correct!!!


Install devkitpro and libnds (On Windows, I reccommend doing this through Msys rather than through the graphical installer). Simply run make in the directory to build.


Please see COPYRIGHTS.md. The rest of BCSDS, including the main source, is licensed under Apache-2.0.

Better Call Saul DS

Better Call Saul for the Nintendo DS, based on the popular show. Written in NFLib, libnds and C++