carcass is a Python CLI tool for spinning up a network of proxied Minecraft servers with configurable parameters and plugins.

Useful for rapid testing of plugins that require a server network or that run on the proxy side.


To use carcass, install Python 3.10+ and run python ./ --eula true. Alternatively, you can execute the bundled Powershell script, create_network.ps1.

This will create a network of two PaperMC Minecraft servers (/alpha and /beta) connected to a Waterfall proxy (/proxy). You can then use the \.start_servers.ps1 script to start the servers (or use the individual Batch/Powershell scripts generated in each server/the proxy directory).


You can pass various arguments to customize the network that will be spun up, including specifying the paths of plugins and preconfigured data folders to copy over.

-h, --helpHELPPrint the help menu-h
-e, --eulaEULAAccept the Minecraft EULA-e true
-bt, --typeTYPESet the type of backend (Paper)-bt paper
-pt, --proxyPROXYSet the type of proxy (Waterfall)-pt waterfall
-b, --backendsBACKENDSList of backend names-b alpha beta gamma
-p, --ports, --backend-portsPORTSList of backend ports (order matters)-b 25566 25567 25568
-v, --version, --minecraft-versionVERSIONMinecraft version to use-v 1.19.2
-pv, --proxy-versionPROXY VERSIONProxy version group to use-v 1.19
-r, --ram, --backend-ramRAMRAM (in MB) to allocate to each backend-r 2048
-pr, --proxy-ramPROXY RAMRAM (in MB) to allocate the proxy-pr 512
-pp, --proxy-portPROXY PORTPort number to run the proxy on-pp 25565
-ph, --proxy-hostPROXY HOSTHostname to run the proxy with-ph localhost
-pn, --proxy-namePROXY NAMEName to call the proxy directory-pn proxy
-bp, --pluginsPLUGINSFile paths of backend plugin jars to copy in-bp path/to/a/plugin.jar also/another.jar
-bpf, --plugin-foldersPLUGIN FOLDERSFile paths of backend plugin data folders to copy-bpf plugin/data/folder/ and/another/
-pp, --proxy-pluginsPROXY PLUGINSFIle paths of proxy plugin jars to copy in-pp path/to/a/plugin.jar also/another.jar
-ppf, --proxy-plugin-foldersPROXY PLUGIN FOLDERSFile paths of proxy plugin data folders to copy-ppf plugin/data/folder/ and/another/
-o, --outputOUTPUTOutput directory; where the servers will be made-o ./servers/

I recommend writing your own simple script that use carcass to spin up a network of servers and then use the \.start_servers.ps1 script (of which you can pass an argument specifying the network directory to start) to start them.


carcass is licensed under Apache-2.0.


A Python CLI tool for quickly spinning up a network of proxied Minecraft servers