TimeToBattle.net has been discontinued. I won't be releasing any more updates for it, and won't be able to answer related support questions; sorry about that!

Time to Battle archive

TimeToBattle.net was my public-access Minecraft server I ran for just under two years, between August 2020 and June 2022. The server launched to the public after a period of closed testing on August 9, 2020, and was live-streamed through my Twitch channel. The server ended operations on June 1, 2022. You can still join TimeToBattle's archived discord server here.

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The server contained a number of features and game modes through its run.

  • The premiere game mode was Survival, which was a Minecraft 1.16 generated world. The server was updated with the release of Minecraft 1.17.
  • The Battle Bastion, added in a content update known as the "adventure update" (trailer link) was a dungeon game mode. Players would take their Survival equipment into the Bastion, which comprised a number of randomized floors. Monsters in the Bastion dropped a special currency that could be exchanged for loot on the first floor of the Bastion.
  • Sphere Battles, a recreation (with some new elements) of Jeremaster's idea on what was the precursor to the MCDiamondFire coding server, was the first Minigame mode and fairly popular. Players battled it out on floating spherical resource islands on a number of maps. Players had to mine the islands to obtain resources
  • Battle Royale, inspired by the Dogcraft.net Nitro UHC game mode, was a fast-paced PVP mode. Players dropped onto a map (from one of my previous projects, Tales of Firma) and had to battle it out, killing monsters to obtain resources needed to gear up.
  • A hub world, which went through two iterations, allowed players to parkour. The hub closed on November 11, 2021, after which navigation changed to a command-based system.

Additionally, online leaderboards were available through the server website, detailing play time, Survival stats as well as minigame score rankings.


Survival spawnAltenberg Castle, by MaltrugValhalla by DangerousLake56Xuhan Jei by LagZaYZIFY's KeepGreat Deku, by Sir_BEANSHarrenhall, by me!

The Battle Bastion

The entrance to the Battle Bastion dungeon

Players would walk up to the entrance to start their quest in the Bastion. Behind this picture is the exit back to the Survival world (or players could use the /survival command)

The Hub

The server hub

This is the second iteration of the Hub server - based on a clockwork design. Parkour, as well as an Elytra rings challenge were available and the top 10 best times were displayed on the server website.

Battle Royale

Screenshot of the Battle Royale map

Sphere Battles

"The Overworld" Sphere Battles map"The End" Sphere Battles map"Glass" Sphere Battles mapThe "Jungle" Battles map"Nether" Sphere Battles map

A few more Sphere Battles maps aren't pictured here.

The Cutting Room Floor

A few things planned for Time to Battle never came to fruition. If you're interested, have a read.

  • Island Dreams: A planned update would have allowed players to create "islands" (a-la Animal Crossing: New Horizons), which would have shared inventories with the Survival game mode.
    • Players would be free to customise and design their islands as they saw fit, including buying upgrades and special items on them.
    • Island Dreams was fully planned out and a significant number of diverse island templates were completed, though development was halted and never completed.
  • Battle Bastion updates: A number of floors were designed by staff, but never implemented in the Battle Bastion, including concepts for additional boss floors. An overhaul of the Battle Bastion plugin was developed planned but not finished.


I was helped in overseeing Time to Battle by these great people:

  • Elliot; "Pleuvior" - Administrator
  • googly2002 - Head moderator
  • Iotados - Head moderator
  • misterblue28 - Moderator
  • ZIF - Moderator

Special Thanks

A number of folks also provided miscellaneous assistance, so a special thanks goes to thanks to:

  • Maltrug - loads of Sphere Battles maps, Battle Royale map assistance
  • Cookies58 - Battle Royale map assistance
  • dmgdog - Battle Royale map assistance
  • domino - Website (wiki skin) development
  • Rohan McDermott - Website development
  • Jacob May - Promotional video composer

...and everyone else who enjoyed the server through its run!

Thank you to everyone for all the memories.


A Minecraft SMP server with custom battle minigames (2020-2022)