Join and Quit Messages

HuskChat supports displaying special join and quit messages whenever a player joins/leaves your network (or single-server setup when installing the plugin standalone).


To enable this feature, set join_and_quit_messages.join.enabled and/or join_and_quit_messages.quit.enabled to true in your config.yml file. You can then modify the format of either, which accepts placeholders and standard MineDown formatting.

Broadcast scopes

You can set the broadcast_scope of join and quit messages in a similar fashion to how you can do this for Channels. See Broadcast Scopes for more details on the available scopes.

Note that global, local and regular PASSTHROUGH scopes are only effective when running the plugin on a standalone Spigot/Paper server; when running HuskChat on a proxy (Velocity/Bungee) server, the regular join/leave message won't be cancelled. This is because the join/leave message is handled on the backend.

Example config.yml
# Options for customizing player join and quit messages
    enabled: false
    # Use the huskchat.join_message.[text] permission to override this per-group if needed
    format: '&e%name% joined the network'
    enabled: false
    # Use the huskchat.quit_message.[text] permission to override this per-group if needed
    format: '&e%name% left the network'
  broadcast_scope: GLOBAL # Note that on Velocity/Bungee, PASSTHROUGH modes won't cancel local join/quit messages

Permission-based formats

You can set specific join/quit messages for specific groups by using the huskchat.join_message.[text] and huskchat.quit_message.[text] permissions. For example, if you wanted to set a special join message for players with the vip group, you could give them the huskchat.join_message.&a%name% has arrived with style! permission node to display a different join message.