The Town Advancements feature provides a fun way of both teaching your players how to use HuskTowns and provide engaging challenges to keep growing them. Town advancements can be customized through the advancements.json file, located in /plugins/HuskTowns/.

List of advancements

iconTaking RootCreate or join a townYou Are (Not) Alone, Established, New Horizons, Level Up, A Brief History, A Penny Saved
iconYou Are (Not) AloneHave another member join your townFallen Kingdom, Eight's a Crowd, Changing Of The Guard
-Fallen KingdomHave at least 15 unique players leave your town
-Eight's a CrowdHave 8 members in your townBustling Community
-Bustling CommunityHave 16 members in your townCity Community
-City Community (Challenge)Have 32 members in your town
iconChanging Of The GuardHave the ownership of your town transferred
iconEstablishedHave your town be at least a week old
iconNew HorizonsClaim the first chunk of land for your townVillage Expansion, And Yet The Town Moves, Well Signposted
iconVillage ExpansionClaim 6 chunks of land for your townOfficially A Town
iconOfficially A Town (Goal)Claim 18 chunks of land for your townCity Folk
iconCity FolkClaim 40 chunks of land for your townThe Empire Business
iconThe Empire Business (Challenge)Claim 80 chunks of land for your town
iconAnd Yet The Town MovesMove the town spawn position somewhere else
iconWell SignpostedSet both a greeting and a farewell message
iconLevel UpLevel up your town to Level 2Five Guys
iconFive Guys (Goal)Level up your town to Level 5High Roller
iconHigh RollerLevel up your town to Level 10You Have Money
iconYou Have MoneyLevel up your town to Level 15Now You're Just Bragging
iconNow You're Just Bragging (Challenge)Level up your town to Level 20
iconA Brief HistorySet a bio for your townPainting The Town Red, Green & Blue
iconPainting The Town Red, Green & Blue (Goal)Change your town's color
iconA Penny SavedDeposit 100 into the town bankA Penny Earned
iconA Penny EarnedDeposit 5,000 into the town bankInterest Free
iconInterest FreeDeposit 15,000 into the town bank
iconTax DeductibleHave 10 unique players deposit into the town bankYou Need An Auditor
iconYou Need An AuditorHave 25 unique players deposit into the town bank