Claims can be made by Towns to protect land from outsiders and are the main purpose of towns. Towns can claim a certain number of chunks in the world based on their town level which will be protected from grief by outsiders. Claimed chunks within a town can then be made into plots which players can then be assigned and added to - or farms, which can provide public utility.

Claiming land & the town map

The mayor and trusted citizens can create claims with the /claim command which claims the chunk they are standing in, but they can also use the /map command to bring up the town map first, which displays nearby claims on a grid map in chat. Dithered grey chunks on the map indicate wilderness and by clicking on these they can claim them easily. Claiming a chunk will bring the updated map up again to make this process quick and easy.

It's also possible to inspect claims you have created by right clicking with a stick (the tool can be configured), showing claim borders. More information can be brought up through the /claim info command.

By default, claimed chunks you make will only allow trusted citizens and the mayor to build within, but you can make plots and farms to manage privileges easily.

Town plots

Plot claim chunks can be assigned to or claimed by a plot owner and also have additional plot members.

To make a claim into a plot, stand in it and type /plot. The claim will then become an unassigned plot within the town.

Town residents can then type /plot claim to claim the plot. However, trusted citizens and mayors can also assign the plot to a member of your town if they prefer. To do this, stand in the unassigned plot and type /plot assign <player>.

The owner of that plot, trusted citizens and the mayor will then be able to build in it. However, if more players need to be added to the plot this is possible through the /plot trust <player> command. Additional plot members do not have to be part of the town, too, so this allows you to add guest access to build in your town. You can remove plot members with /plot untrust <player> and all information about plots can be viewed with the /plot info or /claim info command while standing in it.

Finally, you can use the /plot command again, or the /plot remove command to make the claim a regular claimed chunk again, which will also clear the owner and any other players added to the plot.

Town farms

Farm claim chunks let any regular member of the town build within them, perfect for town farms and public works projects. Stand in a claim and type /farm to make it a farm - and use this command again to return a farm chunks to a regular claim.

Town spawn

Towns can have a spawn point in their town! This is automatically created when a town creates their first claim, but can be moved with /town setspawn. Members of the town can teleport to it with /town spawn.

Additionally, it's possible to open up your town spawn to be public. You can toggle the privacy of your town's spawn with /town publicspawn. Public town spawns can be teleported to by any player (including non-town members) simply by using the /town spawn <town> command.

Removing claims

Towns can easily delete claims by standing in them and typing /delclaim