HuskTowns has a wide range of commands, each having corresponding permission nodes. Each command has a help menu that can be accessed to view these lists in-game.

/town command

The /town command (base permission: is the entry point for all operations. In addition to these permissions, the player may need to have a prerequisite privilege to use the command in the town they are in, based on their town role.

/town helpView the list of town
/town createCreate a
/town aboutView information about a
/town listView a list of
/town inviteInvite someone to your
/town claimClaim a
/town unclaimRemove a
/town autoclaimToggle auto-claiming chunks as you
/town mapView a map of nearby town
/town promotePromote a member up the role
/town demoteDemote a member down the role
/town evictEvict a member from the
/town leaveLeave the
/town farmMake a claim into a town
/town plotMake a claim into a plot and manage
/town rulesEdit the town
/town depositDeposit into the town
/town withdrawWithdraw from the town
/town levelPay to level-up the
/town bioEdit the town
/town greetingEdit the town greeting
/town farewellEdit the town farewell
/town colorEdit the town
/town renameRename the
/town spawnTeleport to a town
/town setspawnSet the town
/town clearspawnClear the town
/town privacyEdit the privacy of the town
/town chatSend a message to the town
/town playerView which town a player is a member
/town deedsView a list of town claims on this
/town censusView a list of town members and their
/town relationsManage Relations if
/town warView and declare Wars if
/town logView the town audit
/town transferTransfer ownership of the town to
/town disbandDelete the

The* permission can be used to grant all town (/town) commands.

/admintown command

The /admintown command (base permission: husktowns.command.admintown) is for carrying out admin operations on towns or the world.

/admintown helpView the list of administrator
/admintown claimCreate an admin
/admintown unclaimDelete a
/admintown ignoreclaimsToggle ignoring/respecting claim accesshusktowns.command.admintown.ignoreclaims
/admintown chatspyToggle spying on town chat messageshusktowns.command.admintown.chatspy
/admintown deleteDelete a townhusktowns.command.admintown.delete
/admintown takeoverJoin and assume ownership of a townhusktowns.command.admintown.takeover
/admintown balanceSet or change the balance of a townhusktowns.command.admintown.balance
/admintown setlevelSet the level of a townhusktowns.command.admintown.setlevel
/admintown prunePrune inactive townshusktowns.command.admintown.prune
/admintown advancementsCheck town advancementshusktowns.command.admintown.advancements
/admintown bonusApply or manage town bonuseshusktowns.command.admintown.bonus

The husktowns.command.admintown.* permission can be used to grant all administrator (/admintown) commands.

/husktowns command

The /husktowns command (base permission: husktowns.command.husktowns) is for plugin system maintenance and information.

/husktowns helpView the list of system
/husktowns aboutView the plugin about menuhusktowns.command.husktowns.about
/husktowns updateCheck for plugin updateshusktowns.command.husktowns.update
/husktowns reloadReload the plugin localeshusktowns.command.husktowns.reload
/husktowns migrateCarry out a migrationhusktowns.command.husktowns.migrate

The husktowns.command.husktowns.* permission can be used to grant all system (/husktowns) commands.

Additional permissions

The following special permissions can also be used

  • husktowns.admin_claim_access - Access to be able to build in any admin claim
  • husktowns.spawn_privacy_bypass - Bypass spawn privacy limitations, letting you teleport to any town spawn