Town Relations, added in HuskTowns v2.6, allow Towns to mark each other as allies or enemies.

1. Enabling/disabling town relations

The Town Relations feature is enabled by default, and can be disabled by editing your config.yml.

Town Relations (config.yml)
    # Enable town relations (alliances and enemies). Docs:
    enabled: true

2. Managing relations

The /town relations command allows you to view the current relations of the town you are in. You can use /town relations list (town) to view the relations of another town.

If you have the MANAGE_RELATIONS privilege in the town you are in, you can use /town relations set <ally/enemy> <town> to mark another town as an ally or an enemy. The town will then show up in your relations list.

2.1 Forming alliances

Towns that you have marked as an Ally grant one additional property: If the option to restrict friendly fire is enabled, PvP between two allied towns will not be permitted.

2.2 Enemies & War

If you enable Wars on your server, towns which mark each other as enemies will be able to declare and go to war with each other.

2.3 Neutral relations

Towns not marked as an ally or enemy are considered to have a "neutral" relation. In other words, this is your default relation with other towns on the server.

To set a town which you have marked as an ally or enemy as "neutral", use /town relations set neutral <town>