Economy Hook

HuskHomes supports restricting certain actions behind an economic cost. Players must have enough money in their account to perform the action, otherwise the action will not be allowed. The cost of the action will be deducted from the player's account just before the action is performed.


Spigot & Paper setup
Applies to:
Spigot, Paper

To enable the Economy Hook on a Spigot/Paper server, install both Vault and a compatible economy plugin. Then, set enabled to true under the economy section of config.yml.

Fabric setup
Applies to:

To enable the Economy Hook on a Fabric server, the Impactor Economy mod must be installed to provide an API for plugins to perform economy operations. Then, set enabled to true under the economy section of config.yml.

Sponge setup
Applies to:

To enable the Economy Hook on a Sponge server, you require a mod installed for managing player economy accounts through the Sponge economy API. Then, set enabled to true under the economy section of config.yml.

Bypassing economy checks

Players with the huskhomes.bypass_economy_checks permission node bypass economy checks and can perform economy actions without paying.

Home slots

With the economy hook enabled, players will need to pay for home slots beyond their initial "free" allotment.

The price will be levied against the player when they attempt to set home and have no free slots left. A warning message will notify the player of this when they have set their last free home slot.

You can configure the number of 'free home slots' a user gets using the free_home_slots setting in the economy section of the config. The default is 5.

Economy actions

You can set the economy cost for the following actions in the costs section of the config.yml file. Note that this section by default only has the additional_home_slot, make_home_public and random_teleport actions defined. Add the other actions to this section of the file and associate a price with them to enable them.

Table of actions

ActionDescriptionDefault Cost
ADDITIONAL_HOME_SLOTWhen a user wants to buy another home slot100.00
MAKE_HOME_PUBLICWhen a user wants to make their home public50.00
RANDOM_TELEPORTWhen a user executes /rtp25.00
BACK_COMMANDWhen a user executes /back to return to their last position0.00
HOME_TELEPORTWhen a user executes /home to teleport to a home0.00
PUBLIC_HOME_TELEPORTWhen a user uses /phome to teleport to a public home0.00
WARP_TELEPORTWhen a user uses /warp to teleport to a warp0.00
SPAWN_TELEPORTWhen a user uses /spawn to teleport to spawn0.00
SEND_TELEPORT_REQUESTWhen a user sends a teleport request0.00
ACCEPT_TELEPORT_REQUESTWhen a user accepts an incoming teleport request0.00

Example config

You must specify a decimal monetary value in the config.yml. (i.e. 100.00 is valid, but 100 is not.)

Economy costs are defined under costs in the economy section of config.yml.

Defining economy costs (config.yml)
# Economy settings. Docs:
  # Enable economy plugin integration (requires Vault and a compatible Economy plugin)
  enabled: true
  # Map of economy actions to costs.