Economy Hook

HuskHomes supports charging players' Vault economy balances for performing certain actions. This requires the Vault plugin and a compatible economy plugin.

To enable the economy hook, set enabled to true under the economy section of the config. Players with the huskhomes.bypass.economy permission bypass economy checks and don't need to pay for things.

Home slots

With the economy hook enabled, players will need to pay for home slots beyond their initial "free" allotment.

The price will be levied against the player when they attempt to set home and have no free slots left. A warning message will notify the player of this when they have set their last free home slot.

You can configure the number of 'free home slots' a user gets using the free_home_slots setting in the economy section. The default is 5.

Economy actions

You can set prices to charge for these actions.

ActionDescriptionDefault Price
ADDITIONAL_HOME_SLOTWhen a user wants to buy another home slot$100.00
MAKE_HOME_PUBLICWhen a user wants to make thier home public$50.00
RANDOM_TELEPORTWhen a user executes /rtp$25.00
BACK_COMMANDWhen a user executes /back$0.00