Managing Access

To manage access to HuskHomes' features on your server, you should use a permission management plugin. However, if you're just throwing up a server with a home plugin for a group of mates, you can also just use the plugin on it's own without one and change some settings in config.yml.


LuckPerms is the standard, stable and recommended permissions plugin, and works on Spigot, Fabric and Sponge servers. Follow the LuckPerms setup guide to get started. You can then use the /lp editor to assign the permissions detailed on this page to groups. A lot of HuskHomes' permissions are enabled for default users (see below). You can set permissions to "false" to revoke a node from a group.

Without a permissions plugin

All commands have default operator level access grants to let you use them without a permissions plugin. The following commands require operator (/op <name>):

  • /tp
  • /tphere
  • /tpaall
  • /tpall
  • /setspawn
  • /setwarp
  • /delwarp
  • /editwarp
  • /tpoffline

All other commands (but not all sub-commands) may be used by players by default; you can disable them outright to prevent players from using them, or install a permissions plugin if you'd like finer control (recommended).