HuskTowns guide


Towns are at the heart of the HuskTowns plugin. All towns have one mayor and can have a certain of members dependent on the town level. Members can additionally be trusted to give them additional privileges. Towns allow players to claim land to protect their stuff.

Creating a town

To create a town, use the /town create <name> command. Mayors can disband towns with the /town disband command.

Joining a town

The mayor of a town, as well as trusted citizens can invite players to your town with the /invite <player> command. That player will receive a message saying that they have been invited to the town which they can click to accept/deny, or reply manually with the /invite accept/deny commands. Players can leave the town with the /town leave command. The mayor cannot leave a town; they must disband first.

Trusted citizens

The mayor can promote citizens with the /promote <player> command. They can also demote them to regular citizenship status with the /demote <player> command.