HuskHomes stores player data, homes, warps, and teleports in a database of your choosing. For cross-server setups, you'll need to configure a MySQL or MariaDB database to allow homes to be accessed globally.

Database types

There is currently no automatic way of migrating between database types. Changing the database type will cause data to be lost.
TypeFile or ServerDescriptionSupports cross-server
SQLITEFileA file-based database. This is the default (recommended) option.
H2FileA file-based database, similar to SQLITE, with slightly faster query times.
MYSQLServerA database hosted on a MySQL server.
MARIADBServerA database hosted on a MariaDB server.
POSTGRESQLServerA database hosted on a PostgreSQL server.


If you are using HuskHomes on a cross-server network, you will need to use a database type that supports cross-server setups. This is because cross-server setups require a single database to be shared between all servers so that HuskHomes can access the same data on each server.


To change the database type, navigate to your config.yml file and modify the properties under database.

Database options (config.yml)
  # Type of database to use (SQLITE, H2, MYSQL or MARIADB)
  type: SQLITE
      # Specify credentials here if you are using MYSQL, MARIADB, or POSTGRESQL as your database type
      host: localhost
      port: 3306
      database: HuskHomes
      username: root
      password: pa55w0rd
      parameters: ?autoReconnect=true&useSSL=false&useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=UTF-8
      # MYSQL / MARIADB / POSTGRESQL database Hikari connection pool properties. Don't modify this unless you know what you're doing!
      size: 12
      idle: 12
      lifetime: 1800000
      keepalive: 30000
      timeout: 20000

Credentials (MariaDB, MySQL & PostgreSQL)

You will need to specify the credentials (hostname, port, username, password and the database) if you are using MariaDB, MySQL or PostgreSQL. These credentials are used to connect to your database server.

Additionally, you can modify the HikariCP connection pool properties if you know what you're doing. The default values should be fine for most users.