Global Respawning

HuskHomes supports global respawning, an advanced setting for networks of multiple servers that wish for players to have just one bed respawn, rather than per-server bed respawns.

To enable global respawn, your network must first be correctly configured in cross_server mode. Then, set global_respawning to true under the cross_server section.

How it works

  • When a player interacts with a bed or respawn anchor, HuskHomes will update the user's global respawn position to match their respawn position on that server.
  • When a player dies, the player will be sent to the server they set their spawn in with a special RESPAWN teleport type.
  • When the player arrives at their respawn server, the game will finish the teleport to their respawn position. If their respawn position is missing or obstructed, the player will instead be moved to the world spawn on that server.