This page contains a table of HuskSync commands and their required permission nodes. You can also use wildcard patterns for each command, such as husksync.command.<command_name>.* to grant access to all sub-commands.

Command Description Permission
/husksync /husksync View & manage plugin system information husksync.command.husksync
/husksync about View information about the plugin husksync.command.husksync.about
/husksync status View plugin system status information husksync.command.husksync.status
/husksync reload Reload the plugin configuration husksync.command.husksync.reload
/husksync migrate Migrate data from other plugins/legacy versions (Console-only)
/husksync update Check for plugin updates husksync.command.husksync.update
/userdata /userdata View & manage user data snapshots husksync.command.userdata
/userdata list View a list of a player's data snapshots husksync.command.userdata.list
/userdata view View a player's user data snapshot husksync.command.userdata.view
/userdata restore Restore a data snapshot for a user husksync.command.userdata.restore
/userdata delete Delete user data snapshots husksync.command.userdata.delete
/userdata pin Pin and unpin a user data snapshots
/userdata dump Dump a user data snapshot husksync.command.userdata.dump
/inventory View the inventory of a user/a data snapshot husksync.command.inventory
Edit the contents of a user's current inventory husksync.command.inventory.edit
/enderchest View the Ender Chest of a user/a data snapshot husksync.command.enderchest
Edit the contents of a user's current Ender Chest husksync.command.enderchest.edit