Dumping UserData

It's possible to dump user data snapshots to json objects as of HuskSync v2.1, either to a file or to a web paste service (mc.lo.gs). This can be performed through the /userdata dump command.

This can be useful in debugging synchronization problems or for manually inspecting data.

How-to guide

  1. Ensure you have the husksync.command.userdata.dump permission node. This is not set by default, even for operators.
  2. Use the /userdata list <user> command to view a list of user data entries for a user.
  3. Click on one of the user data entries for your chosen user. The data snapshot preview menu should appear, along with two new buttons at the bottom.

Data dumping buttons

Dumping to a file

After clicking the "File Dump..." button (equivalent to /userdata dump <user> <snapshot-id> file), a dump of this user data entry will be output in ~/plugins/HuskSync/dumps/.

The name of the generated .json file will match the following format: <username>_<timestamp>_<save-saveCause>_<short-uuid>.json

Example output file: William278_2022-10-12_21-46-37_disconnect_f7719f5c.json
  "id": "209a56fd-efd0-4354-8f7c-e09f6d0673d8",
  "pinned": false,
  "timestamp": "2023-09-15T17:27:08.6768038+01:00",
  "save_cause": "DISCONNECT",
  "server": "alpha",
  "minecraft_version": "1.20.2",
  "platform_type": "bukkit",
  "format_version": 4,
  "data": {
    "husksync:statistics": "{\"generic\":{\"minecraft:fly_one_cm\":26261,\"minecraft:jump\":23,\"minecraft:leave_game\":3,\"minecraft:play_one_minute\":1904,\"minecraft:sneak_time\":7,\"minecraft:sprint_one_cm\":1849,\"minecraft:time_since_death\":1904,\"minecraft:time_since_rest\":1904,\"minecraft:total_world_time\":1904,\"minecraft:walk_one_cm\":414},\"blocks\":{},\"items\":{},\"entities\":{}}",
    "husksync:experience": "{\"total_experience\":0,\"exp_level\":0,\"exp_progress\":0.0}",
    "husksync:game_mode": "{\"game_mode\":\"CREATIVE\",\"allow_flight\":true,\"is_flying\":true}",
    "husksync:advancements": "[{\"key\":\"minecraft:recipes/decorations/crafting_table\",\"completed_criteria\":{\"unlock_right_away\":1694795225426}},{\"key\":\"minecraft:adventure/adventuring_time\",\"completed_criteria\":{\"minecraft:old_growth_birch_forest\":1694795225478}}]",
    "husksync:inventory": "{held_item_slot:0,items:{size:41}}",
    "husksync:ender_chest": "{size:27}",
    "husksync:potion_effects": "[]",
    "husksync:hunger": "{\"food_level\":20,\"saturation\":5.0,\"exhaustion\":0.449}",
    "husksync:health": "{\"health\":20.0,\"max_health\":20.0,\"health_scale\":20.0}"

Dumping to the web

The [Web Dump...] button (equivalent to /userdata dump <user> <snapshot-id> web) will dump user data snapshot json data to the https://mclo.gs service and provide you with a link to the uploaded file. Note that the web dumping service may not work if your user data snapshot exceeds 10MB in file size.