Config File

This page contains the configuration file reference for HuskSync. The config file is located in /plugins/HuskSync/config.yml

Example config

# ┏━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┓
# ┃        HuskSync Config       ┃
# ┃    Developed by William278   ┃
# ┣━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┛
# ┣╸ Information:
# ┣╸ Config Help:
# ┗╸ Documentation:
# Locale of the default language file to use. Docs:
language: en-gb
# Whether to automatically check for plugin updates on startup
check_for_updates: true
# Specify a common ID for grouping servers running HuskSync. Don't modify this unless you know what you're doing!
cluster_id: ''
# Enable development debug logging
debug_logging: false
# Whether to provide modern, rich TAB suggestions for commands (if available)
brigadier_tab_completion: false
# Whether to enable the Player Analytics hook. Docs:
enable_plan_hook: true
  # Type of database to use (MYSQL, MARIADB)
  type: MYSQL
    # Specify credentials here for your MYSQL or MARIADB database
    host: localhost
    port: 3306
    database: HuskSync
    username: root
    password: pa55w0rd
    parameters: ?autoReconnect=true&useSSL=false&useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=UTF-8
    # MYSQL / MARIADB database Hikari connection pool properties. Don't modify this unless you know what you're doing!
    maximum_pool_size: 10
    minimum_idle: 10
    maximum_lifetime: 1800000
    keepalive_time: 0
    connection_timeout: 5000
  # Names of tables to use on your database. Don't modify this unless you know what you're doing!
    users: husksync_users
    user_data: husksync_user_data
    # Specify the credentials of your Redis database here. Set "password" to '' if you don't have one
    host: localhost
    port: 6379
    password: ''
  use_ssl: false
  # The number of data snapshot backups that should be kept at once per user
  max_user_data_snapshots: 16
  # Number of hours between new snapshots being saved as backups (Use "0" to backup all snapshots)
  snapshot_backup_frequency: 4
  # List of save cause IDs for which a snapshot will be automatically pinned (so it won't be rotated). Docs:
  # Whether to create a snapshot for users on a world when the server saves that world
  save_on_world_save: true
  # Whether to create a snapshot for users when they die (containing their death drops)
  save_on_death: false
  # Whether to save empty death drops for users when they die
  save_empty_drops_on_death: true
  # Whether to use the snappy data compression algorithm. Keep on unless you know what you're doing
  compress_data: true
  # Where to display sync notifications (ACTION_BAR, CHAT, TOAST or NONE)
  notification_display_slot: ACTION_BAR
  # (Experimental) Persist Cartography Table locked maps to let them be viewed on any server
  persist_locked_maps: false
  # Whether dead players who log out and log in to a different server should have their items saved. You may need to modify this if you're using the keepInventory gamerule.
  synchronize_dead_players_changing_server: true
  # How long, in milliseconds, this server should wait for a response from the redis server before pulling data from the database instead (i.e., if the user did not change servers).
  network_latency_milliseconds: 500
  # Which data types to synchronize (Docs:
    hunger: true
    persistent_data: false
    inventory: true
    game_mode: true
    advancements: true
    experience: true
    ender_chest: true
    potion_effects: true
    location: false
    statistics: true
    health: true
  # Commands which should be blocked before a player has finished syncing (Use * to block all commands)
    - '*'
  # Event priorities for listeners (HIGHEST, NORMAL, LOWEST). Change if you encounter plugin conflicts
    quit_listener: LOWEST
    join_listener: LOWEST
    death_listener: NORMAL

Messages files

You can customize the plugin locales, too, by editing your messages-xx-xx.yml file. This file is formatted using MineDown syntax. For more information, see Translations.