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Commands & Permissions

This page contains a table of HuskSync commands and their required permission nodes, alongside additional permission nodes.

Command Aliases Description Base Permission†
/home <name> Teleport to a home huskhomes.command.home
/sethome <name> Set a new home with given name huskhomes.command.sethome
/homelist [page] /homes Get a list of your homes huskhomes.command.home
/delhome <name> Delete a home you previously set huskhomes.command.delhome
/edithome <name> [rename/description/relocate/privacy] [args] Edit one of your homes huskhomes.command.edithome
/publichome [<owner_name.home_name>] /phome Teleport to a public home huskhomes.command.phome
/publichomelist [page] /phomelist, /phomes View the list of public homes huskhomes.command.phome
/warp <name> Teleport to a warp huskhomes.command.warp
/setwarp <name> Set a new warp with given name huskhomes.command.setwarp
/warplist [page] /warps View the list of warps huskhomes.command.warp
/delwarp <name> Delete a warp huskhomes.command.delwarp
/editwarp <name> [rename/description/relocate] [args] Edit a warp huskhomes.command.editwarp
/tp <target> [destination] /tpo Teleport to another player or location
/tphere <player> /tpohere Teleport another player to you huskhomes.command.tphere
/tpa <player> Request to teleport to another player huskhomes.command.tpa
/tpahere <player> Request another player to teleport to you huskhomes.command.tpahere
/tpaccept [player] /tpyes Accept a teleport request huskhomes.command.tpaccept
/tpdecline [player] /tpdeny, /tpno Decline a teleport request huskhomes.command.tpdecline
/rtp [player] Teleport randomly into the wild huskhomes.command.rtp
/tpignore Ignore incoming teleport requests huskhomes.command.tpignore
/tpoffline <player> Teleport to where a player was last online huskhomes.command.tpoffline
/tpall Teleport everyone to your position huskhomes.command.tpall
/tpaall Request that everyone teleports to you huskhomes.command.tpaall
/spawn Teleport to spawn huskhomes.command.spawn
/setspawn Set the spawn position huskhomes.command.setspawn
/back Return to your previous position, or where you died huskhomes.command.back
/huskhomes [about/help/reload/update/migrate] View plugin information & reload configs huskhomes.command.huskhomes

†Required permission for basic command execution; some commands require additional permissions for certain functions (See below…)

Changing set home, public home & free home limits

You can modify the maximum number of homes, the allotment of free homes and the number of public homes a user can set through permission nodes.

  • huskhomes.max_homes.<amount> — Determines the max number of homes a user can set
  • huskhomes.free_homes.<amount> — Determines the allotment of homes the user can set for free, before they have to pay†
  • huskhomes.max_public_homes.<amount> — Determines the maximum number of homes a user can make public

†Only effective on servers that make use of the economy hook.

If users have multiple permission nodes (i.e. from being in multiple permission groups), HuskHomes will accept the highest. If you would prefer the nodes to stack, you can set the stack_permission_limits setting in the plugin config file to true (under general).

Note that these permission-set values override the values set in the plugin config (max_homes, max_public_homes under general and free_homes under economy).

Return by death on /back

This permission controls whether users can return to where they died. Note that return by death must be enabled in the config for this to work.

Permission Command Description
huskhomes.command.back.death /back Use /back to return to where you died

Home privacy

This permission controls the setting of home privacy

Permission Command Description
huskhomes.command.edithome.privacy /edithome <name> privacy [public/private] Modify the privacy of a home

Accessing private homes

These permissions allow you to use, edit and delete homes that have not been set publicly.

Permission Command Description
huskhomes.command.home.other /homelist <player> [page] View a list of a user’s homes
huskhomes.command.home.other /home [<owner_name>.<home_name>] Teleport to a user’s home, public or private
huskhomes.command.edithome.other /edithome [<owner_name>.<home_name>] [rename/description/relocate/privacy] [args] Edit a user’s home
huskhomes.command.edithome.other /delhome [<owner_name>.<home_name>] Delete a user’s home

Cooldown, warmup and economy bypasses

These permissions let you bypass teleportation warmup checks, rtp cooldown checks and economy checks

Permission Command Description
huskhomes.bypass.teleport_warmup /homelist <player> [page] Bypass timed teleportation warmups†
huskhomes.bypass.rtp_cooldown /home [<owner_name>.<home_name>] Bypass the cooldown on /rtp‡
huskhomes.bypass.economy /edithome [<owner_name>.<home_name>] [rename/description/relocate/privacy] [args] Bypass economy checks

†This is not effective when the warmup time is set <= 0 in the config file.

‡This is not effective when the rtp cooldown tijme is set <= 0 in the config file.

Advanced teleportation

These permissions allow you to use /tp and /rtp to teleport other players remotely and to coordinates.

Permission Command Description /tp [player] <x> <y> <z> [world] [server] Teleport a user other than yourself /tp [player] <x> <y> <z> [world] [server] Teleport to a set of coordinates.
huskhomes.command.rtp.other /rtp [player] Randomly teleport another player.

/huskhomes command arguments

These permissions control what arguments of the /huskhomes command a user may use.

Permission Command Description /huskhomes help [page] View a list of HuskHomes commands
huskhomes.command.huskhomes.about /huskhomes [about] View the plugin about menu
huskhomes.command.huskhomes.reload /huskhomes reload Reload the plugin config and message files
huskhomes.command.huskhomes.update /huskhomes update Check for updates

View the disabled command message

This permission controls whether a player can see if a command is disabled.

Permission Command Description
huskhomes.disabled_command_message /back Use /back to return to where you died