HuskHomes supports enforcing a cooldown against certain actions. Players must wait a certain amount of time between performing the action, otherwise the action will not be allowed. The cooldown will be enforced just before the action is performed, and the player will be notified of the remaining cooldown time if they attempt to perform the action before the cooldown has expired.

Configuring cooldowns

Cooldowns can be configured in the cooldowns section of config.yml. To enable cooldowns, set enabled to true and define cooldown_times for actions you want to apply cooldowns to. The cooldown time is an integer value, defined in seconds.

Bypassing cooldowns

Players with the huskhomes.bypass_cooldowns permission node bypass cooldowns and can perform them immediately.

Table of actions

additional_home_slotWhen a user wants to buy another home slot
make_home_publicWhen a user wants to make their home public
random_teleportWhen a user executes /rtp
back_commandWhen a user executes /back to return to their last position
home_teleportWhen a user executes /home to teleport to a home
public_home_teleportWhen a user uses /phome to teleport to a public home
warp_teleportWhen a user uses /warp to teleport to a warp
spawn_teleportWhen a user uses /spawn to teleport to spawn
send_teleport_requestWhen a user sends a teleport request
accept_teleport_requestWhen a user accepts an incoming teleport request

Example config

Cooldowns are defined under cooldown_times in the cooldowns section of config.yml. By default, only a cooldown for random_teleport is defined. Add the other actions to this section of the file and associate a cooldown with them to enable them.

Defining cooldowns (config.yml)
  # Whether to apply a cooldown between performing certain actions
  enabled: true
  # Set a cooldown between performing actions (in seconds). Docs:
    additional_home_slot: 0
    make_home_public: 0
    random_teleport: 600
    back_command: 0
    home_teleport: 0
    public_home_teleport: 0
    warp_teleport: 0
    spawn_teleport: 0
    send_teleport_request: 0
    accept_teleport_request: 0