HuskSync supports a number of community-sourced translations of the plugin locales into different languages. The default language is en-gb (English). The messages file is formatted using MineDown.

You can change which preset language option to use by changing the top-level language setting in the plugin config.yml file. You must change this to one of the supported language codes. You can view a list of the supported languages by looking at the locales source folder.

Contributing Locales

You can contribute locales by submitting a pull request with a yaml file containing translations of the default locales into your language. Here are a few pointers for doing this:

  • Do not translate the locale keys themselves (e.g. synchronization_complete)
  • Your pull request should be for a file in the locales folder
  • Do not translate the MineDown Markdown syntax itself or commands and their parameters; only the english interface text
  • Each locale should be on one line, and the header should be removed.
  • Use the correct ISO 639-1 locale code for your language and dialect
  • If you are able to, you can add your name to the AboutMenu translators credit list yourself, otherwise this can be done for you

Thank you for your interest in making HuskSync more accessible around the world!