HuskClaims provides a suite of commands to aid claiming, including the ability to trust users. Use /huskclaims help to view a list of commands in-game.

Command Reference

Accessible by all players by default
Accessible only by server operators by default

This is a table of HuskClaims commands, how to use them, their required permission nodes, and whether the permission is granted by default. Check the Permissions page for more details on plugin permissions.

Command Description Permission Default
Claiming Commands
Commands for claiming land—some require holding the claim tool to use.
/claim /claim Toggle regular claiming mode huskclaims.claim
/claim <radius> Create a claim around your position
/childclaim /childclaim Toggle child claiming mode huskclaims.child_claim
/childclaim <radius> Create a child claim in a parent claim around your position
/adminclaim /adminclaim Toggle admin claiming mode huskclaims.admin_claim
/adminclaim <radius> Create an admin claim in around your position
/claimslist /claimslist View the list of your claims huskclaims.command.claimslist
/claimslist <username> View the list of another player's claims huskclaims.command.claimslist.other
/adminclaimslist /adminclaimslist View the list of admin claims huskclaims.command.adminclaimslist
/extendclaim /extendclaim <blocks> Extend your claim by a number of blocks in the direction you are facing huskclaims.command.extendclaim
Extend another user''s claim (uses your own claim blocks) huskclaims.command.extendclaim.other
/unclaim /unclaim Remove the claim you are standing in huskclaims.command.unclaim
/unclaimall /unclaimall [confirm] Removes all your claims. If in admin claiming mode, removes all admin claims. huskclaims.command.unclaimall
Trust level commands
Commands for granting access to the claim you are in. Trust levels are customizable; below are the default levels.
/permissiontrust /permissiontrust <usernames|@groups|#tags…> Grants management (trust others, make child claims) trust to users/groups/tags huskclaims.command.permissiontrust
Permission-trust a user on someone else's claim huskclaims.command.permissiontrust.other
/trust /trust <usernames|@groups|#tags…> Grant build (place/break blocks) trust to users/groups/tags
Build-trust a user on someone else's claim
/containertrust /containertrust <usernames|@groups|#tags…> Grant container (chests, hoppers, etc) trust to users/groups/tags huskclaims.command.containertrust
Container-trust a user on someone else's claim huskclaims.command.containertrust.other
/accesstrust /accesstrust <usernames|@groups|#tags…> Grant access (doors, buttons, etc) trust to users/groups/tags huskclaims.command.accesstrust
Access-trust a user on someone else's claim huskclaims.command.accesstrust.other
Claim management commands
Commands for managing the claim you are in.
/trustlist View a list of trusted users/groups/tags huskclaims.command.trustlist
View the trust list of another user''s claim huskclaims.command.trustlist.other
/untrust /untrust <usernames|@groups|#tags…> Revoke the trust level of users/groups/tags huskclaims.command.untrust
Revoke the trust level of a user on someone else's claim huskclaims.command.untrust.other
/restrictclaim /restrictclaim [on|off] Restrict the child claim you are in from inheriting parent trust access rights huskclaims.command.restrictclaim
Restrict the child claim within someone else's claim huskclaims.command.restrictclaim.other
/transferclaim /transferclaim <username> Transfer ownership of a claim to another player huskclaims.command.transferclaim
Transfer ownership of someone else's claim huskclaims.command.transferclaim.other
Operation group commands
Lets users toggle groups of operation type flags. Only one is configured by default:
/claimexplosions /claimexplosions [on|off] Toggle allowing explosion damage flags in the claim huskclaims.command.claimexplosions
Toggle claim explosions in someone else's claim huskclaims.command.claimexplosions.other
/claimban /claimban <ban|unban|list> [username] Ban a user from the claim you are standing in huskclaims.command.claimban
Ban a user from someone else's claim huskclaims.command.claimban.other
User group command
Lets users create groups of players to easily & centrally manage claim permissions.
/usergroup /usergroup View a list of your user groups huskclaims.command.usergroup
/usergroup <name> [list] View a list of members of a user group
/usergroup <name> delete Delete a user group
/usergroup <name> <add|remove> <usernames…> Add or remove player(s) from a user group.
Claim blocks commands
Lets users/administrators buy, view, and manage claim blocks.
/claimblocks /claimblocks View your claim block balance huskclaims.command.claimblocks
/claimblocks <username> [show] View another user''s claim block balance huskclaims.command.claimblocks.other
/claimblocks <username> <add|remove|set> <amount> Edit a claim block balance. Also requires the 'other' permission to edit others' balances. huskclaims.command.claimblocks.edit
/buyclaimblocks /buyclaimblocks <amount> Buy claim blocks for money. Requires the Vault hook to use. huskclaims.command.buyclaimblocks
Pet commands
Manage protection of tamed animals.
/transferpet /transferpet <username> Transfer ownership of a tamed animal (pet) to another player huskclaims.command.transferpet
Transfer ownership of someone else's pet huskclaims.command.transferpet.other
Death drop commands
Manage the locking of dropped items on death.
/unlockdrops /unlockdrops Unlock locked item drops from when you died huskclaims.command.unlockdrops
/unlockdrops <username> Unlock someone else's death drops huskclaims.command.unlockdrops.other
Other administrator commands
Moderation and plugin management utilities.
/ignoreclaims /ignoreclaims [on|off] Toggle ignoring claim rules/trust levels. Note you must constantly have the permission to keep ignoring claims. huskclaims.command.ignoreclaims
/signspy /signspy [on|off] Toggle receiving sign moderation notifications when users place or edit signs. huskclaims.command.signspy
/huskclaims /huskclaims Use plugin management commands huskclaims.command.huskclaims
/huskclaims about View the plugin about menu huskclaims.command.huskclaims.about
/huskclaims help [page] View the list of plugin commands
/huskclaims update Check for plugin updates huskclaims.command.huskclaims.update
/huskclaims reload Reload the plugin locales and config file huskclaims.command.huskclaims.reload
/huskclaims import Import data from another plugin huskclaims.command.huskclaims.import
/huskclaims teleport [coordinates] Teleport to a claim at a position. Requires the HuskHomes hook to use. huskclaims.command.huskclaims.teleport
/huskclaims flags [flag] [true/false] Set the value of a flag in a claim, or the world's wilderness. huskclaims.command.huskclaims.flags
/huskclaims logs <username> View audit logs for a player, such as claim block transaction receipts. huskclaims.command.huskclaims.logs
/huskclaims status View the system status debug info screen. huskclaims.command.huskclaims.status

Command Aliases

The following commands have aliases that can also be used for convenience:

/restrictclaim/restrictchildclaim, /restrictsubclaim

† You can customize or change the Trust Levels entirely if you wish, including command aliases.