Accessible by all players by default
Accessible only by server operators by default

HuskClaims provides permissions for restricting access to commands and features.

These permissions are detailed below.


Please see the Commands page reference for a full list of commands and their permissions.


These permissions restrict the ability to inspect claims.

huskclaims.inspectInspect claims with the inspection tool.
huskclaims.inspect.nearbyInspect all nearby claims by holding SNEAK and using the inspection tool.
huskclaims.inspect.view_last_seenWhen inspecting, whether the user can see how many days since the claim owner last logged on.


These permissions restrict the ability to create certain types of claims. See Claims for more details on claiming land. It is also possible to disable creating admin/child claims in the plugin config.

huskclaims.claimCreate regular user-owned claims.
huskclaims.admin_claimCreate admin claims, and manage all other admin claims.
huskclaims.child_claimCreate child claims; sub-divisons of land within parent claims.

Trust Tags

These permissions restrict being able to use certain trust tags when granting trust to other players. See Trust for more details on trust tags.

PermissionDescriptionDefault the #public trust tag in claims to grant public access. the #role/(name) trust tags in claims to grant LuckPerms role-based access. Requires the LuckPerms hook.

You can turn off the permission requirement for using LuckPerms groups in claims in the config hook settings.