Sign Moderation

HuskClaims offers a moderation feature for spying on the text contents of signs and hanging signs placed by players, and automatically filtering contents against a prohibited words list. Sign moderation works on all types of text-entry signs (hanging signs, wall signs, and standing signs—and on both sides) and requires a Minecraft 1.19.4+ Paper server. This system can be configured under the moderation.signs section of config.yml:

Sign Moderation — config.yml
    # Whether to notify users with /signspy on when signs are placed.edited. Requires Minecraft 1.19.4+
    notify_moderators: true
    # Whether to filter messages
    filter_messages: false
    # Whether sign notifications should be limited to just filtered signs
    only_notify_if_filtered: false
    # Single character to replace filtered message content with
    replacement_character: '#'
    # List of words to filter out of signs
    filtered_words: []

Sign spying

To start sign spying, use /signspy [on|off] (see Commands). This requires the huskclaims.command.signspy permission to use. You will then begin receiving messages whenever users place a sign or edit sign text (except if the sign is blank) — this includes signs placed on other servers if you are using cross-server mode.

If you click on the location of a sign in the chat message, you will be teleported to the sign's location if the HuskHomes hook is in use.

Sign filtering

You can choose to filter signs against a configured list of prohibited words. If a sign contains any of the prohibited words, the words in the sign text will automatically be censored and replaced with a chosen glyph. The user who placed the sign will also be informed their sign was filtered in chat.

When a sign is filtered, a notification warning will appear for all those spying on signs. You can additionally choose to only have moderators spy on signs that have required filtering to reduce clutter in chat.