Drops Moderation

HuskClaims offers a moderation feature for protecting player death drops from being picked up by other users. Users can use /unlockdrops to unlock their drops (to allow a friend to pick them up, for instance). This system can be configured under the moderation.drops section of config.yml:

Drops Moderation — config.yml
    # Whether to lock ground items dropped by players when they die from being picked up by others
    lock_items: true
    # Whether to also prevent death drops from being destroyed by lava, fire, cacti, etc.
    prevent_destruction: false

Locking drops

When users die, items will be tagged and marked as "locked" — only the player who dropped the items will be able to pick them up. Note though that they still may be removed by damage sources (lava, fire, cacti, etc.) — unless destruction preventing is enabled — and can still despawn.

Unlocking drops

Users can use /unlockdrops to unlock drops. Staff with the huskclaims.command.unlockdrops.other permission may unlock the drops of another user with /unlockdrops [username]

Preventing destruction

You can prevent death drops from being destroyed by damage sources (such as fire, lava, etc.) by enabling prevent_destruction. This is disabled by default as it goes somewhat against the vanilla game. Items will still be removed if they fall into the void or by another plugin.