HuskClaims offers a simple tamed animal ("pet") protection and transfer system. This system is enabled by default and can be toggled by editing the pets section of the config file:

Pets — config.yml
# Settings for protecting tamed animals (pets). Docs:
  # Whether to enable protecting tamed animals to only be harmed/used by their owner
  enabled: true

Disabling pets will also disable the /transferpet command.

Protecting pets

Pets will automatically be protected from harm by other players when they are tamed.

Transferring pets

The recipient of a pet has to have played on the server where the pet exists before.

You can transfer ownership of a pet to another player by looking directly at it and using the /transferpet <username> command. This will allow the new owner to interact with the pet as if they had tamed it themselves.

Admins can transfer animals tamed by other players with the huskclaims.command.transferpet.other permission.