HuskClaims offers several built-in hooks providing support for other plugins. These hooks can be enabled or disabled in the hooks section of the plugin config.

VaultEconomy support for claim blockshttps://www.spigotmc.org/resources/vault.34315/
LuckPermsTrust tags for LuckPerms groupshttps://luckperms.net/
HuskHomesRestricting home creation in claimshttps://william278.net/project/huskhomes/
HuskTownsPrevent claiming over town claimshttps://william278.net/project/husktowns/
PlanDisplay claim analytics in Planhttps://www.playeranalytics.net/
PlaceholderAPIProvides HuskClaims placeholdershttps://placeholderapi.com/
WorldGuardPrevent claiming over flag-restricted regionshttps://enginehub.org/worldguard
DynmapAdd claim markers to your Dynmaphttps://www.spigotmc.org/resources/dynmap.274/
Pl3xMapAdd claim markers to your Pl3xMaphttps://modrinth.com/plugin/pl3xmap/
BlueMapAdd claim markers to your BlueMaphttps://www.spigotmc.org/resources/bluemap.83557/


If Vault (and a compatible economy plugin) is installed, the /buyclaimblocks command will be enabled allowing users to purchase claim blocks for money.


If LuckPerms is installed, HuskClaims will register Trust Tags for every defined LuckPerms group in the format #role/(group_name) — e.g. #role/admin. This allows you to easily grant trust to all members of a LuckPerms group, particularly useful in admin claims.


If HuskHomes is installed, the /huskclaims teleport command will be enabled allowing admins to quickly teleport to claims from the claim list, or to the location of a placed sign if you are using Sign Moderation.

Additionally, HuskClaims will prevent creating or relocating homes within claims unless the user has a minimum trust level in the claim (default is Access Trust+).


If HuskTowns is installed, HuskClaims will prevent the creation of HuskClaims claims over existing Town claims.


If Plan is installed, HuskClaims will display HuskClaims analytics (such as Claim Blocks and Claims created) in the Plan web interface on user and server pages.


If PlaceholderAPI is installed, HuskClaims will register a PlaceholderAPI expansion allowing you to use HuskClaims placeholders in other plugins that support PlaceholderAPI. The following placeholders are available:

%huskclaims_claim_blocks%The number of claim blocks the player has100, 1234, etc.
%huskclaims_current_is_claimed%Whether the player is currently standing in a claimtrue or false
%huskclaims_current_claim_owner%The owner of the claim the player is standing inSteve, an administrator, etc.
%huskclaims_current_claim_is_trusted%Whether the player has a trust level in the claim they are standing intrue or false
%huskclaims_current_claim_trust_level%The trust level of the player in the claim they are standing inAccess, Container, etc.
%huskclaims_can_build%Whether the player can build in the claim they are standing intrue or false
%huskclaims_can_open_containers%Whether the player can open containers in the claim they are standing intrue or false
%huskclaims_can_interact%Whether the player can interact in the claim they are standing intrue or false


If WorldGuard is installed, HuskClaims will register a third party flag (huskclaims-claim), which when set to "Deny" in a WorldGuard region will prevent players from creating or resizing a claim over that region.

Dynmap, Pl3xMap, BlueMap

If one of the supported mapping plugins is installed, HuskClaims will add region markers for claims on your server map:

You can configure the marker label name and which types of claims to show in the config file.