MPDB Migration

This guide will walk you through how to migrate from MySQLPlayerDataBridge (MPDB) to HuskSync v3.x.

Please note that due to MPDB changes, HuskSync only supports migrating from MySQLPlayerDataBridge <= v4.9.2. Support for newer versions will be added in the future.


  • Spigot servers with MySQLPlayerDataBridge still installed

Migration Instructions

1. Install HuskSync v3.x on all Spigot servers

  • Download, then install HuskSync on all your servers. Don't uninstall MySQLPlayerDataBridge yet.
  • Follow the setup instructions here.
  • Start your servers again when done.

2. Configure the migrator

  • With your servers back on and correctly configured to run HuskSync v3.x, ensure nobody is online.
  • Use the console on one of your Spigot servers to enter: husksync migrate mpdb. If the MPDB migrator is not available, ensure MySQLPlayerDataBridge is still installed.
  • Adjust the migration setting as needed using the following command: husksync migrate mpdb set <setting> <value>.
  • Note that migration will be carried out from the database you specify with the settings in console to the database configured in config.yml.

3. Start the migrator

  • Run husksync migrate mpdb start to begin the migration process. This may take some time, depending on the amount of data you're migrating.

4. Uninstall MySQLPlayerDataBridge

  • HuskSync will display a message in console when data migration is complete.
  • Stop all your Spigot servers and remove the MySQLPlayerDataBridge jar from each of them.
  • Start your Spigot servers again.

5. Ensure the migration was successful

  • Verify that the migration was successful by logging in and using the /userdata list <username> command to see if the data was imported with the mpdb_migration saveCause.
  • You can delete the old tables in the database if you want. Be careful to make sure you delete the correct ones.