Config File

This page contains the configuration file reference for Velocitab. The config file is located in /plugins/velocitab/config.yml

Example config

# ┏━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┓
# ┃       Velocitab Config       ┃
# ┃    Developed by William278   ┃
# ┣━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┛
# ┗╸ Placeholders: %players_online%, %max_players_online%, %local_players_online%, %current_date%, %current_time%, %username%, %server%, %ping%, %prefix%, %suffix%, %role%
# Header(s) to display above the TAB list for each server group.
# List multiple headers and set update_rate to the number of ticks between frames for basic animations
  - '&rainbow&Running Velocitab by William278'
# Footer(s) to display below the TAB list for each server group, same as headers.
  - '[There are currently %players_online%/%max_players_online% players online](gray)'
  default: '&7[%server%] &f%prefix%%username%'
# Which text formatter to use (MINEDOWN, MINIMESSAGE, or LEGACY)
formatting_type: MINEDOWN
# The servers in each group of servers
  - server
  - server2
# All servers which are not in other groups will be put in the fallback group.
# "false" will exclude them from Velocitab.
fallback_enabled: true
# The formats to use for the fallback group.
fallback_group: default
# Only show other players on a server that is part of the same server group as the player.
only_list_players_in_same_group: true
# Define custom names to be shown in the TAB list for specific server names.
# If no custom display name is provided for a server, its original name will be used.
  very-long-server-name: VLSN
# Whether to enable the PAPIProxyBridge hook for PAPI support
enable_papi_hook: true
# How long in seconds to cache PAPI placeholders for, in milliseconds. (0 to disable)
papi_cache_time: 30000
# If you are using MINIMESSAGE formatting, enable this to support MiniPlaceholders in formatting.
enable_miniplaceholders_hook: true
# Whether to sort players in the TAB list.
sort_players: true
# Ordered list of elements by which players should be sorted. (ROLE_WEIGHT, ROLE_NAME and SERVER_NAME are supported)
# How often in milliseconds to periodically update the TAB list, including header and footer, for all users.
# If set to 0, TAB will be updated on player join/leave instead. (1s = 1000ms)
update_rate: 0


Server Groups

Which formatting and the header/footer to use for a player's TAB list is determined by the group of servers they are currently connected to. See Server Groups for more information.


Velocitab supports the full range of modern color formatting, including RGB colors and gradients, through either MineDown or MiniMessage syntax. See Formatting for more information.


Velocitab supports basic header and footer animations by adding multiple frames of animation and setting the update rate to a value greater than 0.


You can use various placeholders that will be replaced with values (for example, %username%) in your config. Support for PlaceholderAPI is also available through a bridge library plugin, as is the component-based MiniPlaceholders for users of that plugin with the MiniMessage formatter. See Placeholders for more information.