Velocitab supports formatting the nametags of players (the text displayed above their heads). This can be used to display a player's rank, group, or other information using placeholders. Please note some limitations apply.

Nametags being updated by Velocitab in-game

This feature requires sending Update Teams packets. send_scoreboard_packets must be enabled in the config.yml file for this to work. More details...

Setting name tags

You can configure nametags per-group using the nametags section of the config file. Each group should have one nametag format associated with it, which will be applied to all players on servers in that group.

Editing nametags (config.yml)
# Nametag(s) to display above players' heads for each server group. Set to empty to disable.
# Nametag formats must contain a %username%. Docs:
  default: '&f%prefix%%username%&f%suffix%'

# (...)

# Whether to send scoreboard teams packets. Required for player list sorting and nametag formatting.
# Turn this off if you're using scoreboard teams on backend servers.
send_scoreboard_packets: true

Only players on servers which are part of groups that specify nametag formats will have their nametag formatted. To disable nametag formatting, remove all groups from the nametags section of the config file (leaving it empty).

Removing name tags

In order to remove nametags, you must remove your nametag format from the config file. If you want to remove nametags for all groups, you can set the nametags section to empty nametags: {}. After that be sure to set remove_nametags to true to make sure the nametags are removed from players.

Formatting limitations

Nametags must adhere to the following restrictions:

  • A %username% placeholder must be present. This is used for delimiting the scoreboard prefix, name, and suffix to facilitate formatting.
  • Only legacy colors can be used in formats. If RGB colors are specified, they will automatically be downsampled to the nearest legacy color. This is a limitation of the scoreboard team system.
  • Nametags cannot contain newlines (must be on a single line)
  • Gradients are not supported.