Velocitab supports the full range of modern color formatting, including RGB colors and gradients. Both MineDown (default) and MiniMessage are supported as formats. To change which formatter is being used, change the formatting_type value in config.yml to MINEDOWN or MINIMESSAGE respectively.

Formatting is applied on header, footer and player text for each server group, and is applied after Placeholders have been inserted.

MineDown syntax reference

MineDown is the default formatter type. See the MineDown Syntax Reference on GitHub for the specification of how to format text with it.

MiniMessage syntax reference

MiniMessage formatting can be enabled by setting formatting_type to MINIMESSAGE in config.yml. See the MiniMessage Syntax Refernece on the Adventure Docs for how to format text with it. Using MiniMessage as the formatter also allows compatibility for using MiniPlaceholders in text.