Velocitab supports a number of Placeholders that will be replaced with their respective proper values in-game. In addition to the set of provided default Placeholders, you can make use of PlaceholderAPI and MiniPlaceholder-provided placeholders through special hooks.

Default placeholders

Placeholders can be included in the header, footer and player name format of the TAB list. The following placeholders are supported out of the box:

%players_online%Players online on the proxy6
%max_players_online%Player capacity of the proxy500
%local_players_online%Players online on the server the player is on3
%group_players_online_(name)%Players online on the group provided11
%group_players_online%Players online on player's group15
%current_date_day%Current day of the month14
%current_date_weekday%Current day of the weekWednesday
%current_date_weekday_(tag)%Current day of the week (localized) it-IT as exampleMercoledì
%current_date_month%Current month of the year06
%current_date_year%Current year2024
%current_date%Current real-world date of the server14/06/2023
%current_date_(tag)%Current real-world date (localized) en-US as example06/14/2023
%current_time_hour%Current hour of the day21
%current_time_minute%Current minute of the hour45
%current_time_second%Current second of the minute32
%current_time%Current real-world time of the server21:45:32
%current_time_(tag)%Current real-world time (localized) en-US as example9:45 PM
%username%The player's usernameWilliam278
%username_lower%The player's username, in lowercasewilliam278
%server%Name of the server the player is onalpha
%ping%Ping of the player (in ms)6
%prefix%The player's prefix (from LuckPerms)&4[Admin]
%suffix%The player's suffix (from LuckPerms)&c
%role%The player's primary LuckPerms group nameadmin
%role_display_name%The player's primary LuckPerms group display nameAdmin
%role_weight%Comparable-formatted primary LuckPerms group weight100
%luckperms_meta_(key)%Formats a meta key from the user's LuckPerms group(varies)
%server_group%The name of the server group the player is ondefault
%server_group_index%Indexed order of the server group in the list0
%debug_team_name%(Debug) Player's team name, used for Sorting1alphaWilliam278

Note: (tag) stands for IETF language tag, used for localization of date and time placeholders. For example, en-US for American English, fr-FR for French, it-IT for Italian, etc. You can find a list of common primary language subtags here.

Customising server display names

You can make use of the server_display_names feature in config.yml to customise how server display name appear when using the %server% placeholder. In the below example, if a user is connected to a server with the name "very-long-server-name" and the player name format for the group that server belongs to includes a %server% placeholder, the placeholder would be replaced with "VSLN" instead of the full server name.

Server display names (config.yml)
# Define custom names to be shown in the TAB list for specific server names.
# If no custom display name is provided for a server, its original name will be used.
  very-long-server-name: VLSN

PlaceholderAPI support

To use PlaceholderAPI placeholders in Velocitab, install the PAPIProxyBridge library plugin on your Velocity proxy and all Minecraft spigot servers on your network, and ensure the PAPI hook option is enabled in your Velocitab Config File. You can then include PAPI placeholders in your formats as you would any of the default placeholders.

PlaceholderAPI placeholders are cached to reduce plugin message traffic. By default, placeholders are cached for 30 seconds (30000 milliseconds); if you wish to use PAPI placeholders that update more frequently, you can reduce the cache time in the Velocitab config.yml file by adjusting the papi_cache_time value.

MiniPlaceholders support

If you are using MiniMessage Formatting, you can use MiniPlaceholders with Velocitab for MiniMessage-styled component placeholders provided by other proxy plugins. Install MiniPlaceholders on your Velocity proxy, set the formatter_type to MINIMESSAGE and ensure enable_miniplaceholders_hook is set to true You can also use Relational Placeholders.