Server Groups

Velocitab supports defining multiple server groups, each providing distinct formatting for players in the TAB list, alongside unique headers and footers. This is useful if you wish to display different information in TAB depending on the server a player is on.

Defining groups

Groups are defined in the server_groups section of config.yml, as a list of servers following the group name (by default, a group default will be present, alongside a list of servers on your network.

Example of a default config.yml
    - lobby1
    - lobby2
    - lobby3

You can define as many groups as you wish in this section by adding more lists of servers.

Adding more groups
    - lobby1
    - lobby2
    - creative_lobby
    - creative1
    - survival1
    - survival2

Mapping headers, footers & player formats to groups

Once you've defined your groups, you can modify the headers, footers and formats section of the file with different formats for each group.

Per-group formats
   - 'Welcome, %username%! Join a server to start!'
   - '%username% is playing Creative!'
   - '%username% is playing Survival!'
   - 'There are %players_online%players online!'
   - 'Currently connected to a creative server: %server%!'
   - 'Today is %current_date%!'
  lobbies: '&8[Lobby] &7%username%'
  creative: '&e[Creative] &7[%server%] &f%prefix%%username%'
  survival: '&2[Survival (%server%)] &f%prefix%%username%'

See Placeholders for how to use placeholders in these formats, and Formatting for how to format text with colors, and see Animations for how to create basic animations by adding more headers/footers to each group's list.

Adding new lines

If you want to add a new line to your header or footer format, you can use \n to insert one — but since this gets messy quickly, there's an easier way using the YAML markup pipe character to declare a multiline string:

Multi-line headers/footers
   - |
     There are %players_online%players online!
     I'm a second line
     Third line, woohoo~!

Player name formats may only utilize one line.

Default group

If a player isn't connected to a server on your network, their TAB menu will be formatted as per the formats defined by fallback_group set in config.yml, provided fallback_enabled is set to true.

If you don't want them to have their TAB handled at all by Velocitab, you can use this to disable Velocitab formatting on certain servers altogether by disabling the fallback_enabled setting and excluding servers you do not wish to format from being part of a group.

Example in config.yml
# All servers which are not in other groups will be put in the fallback group.
# "false" will exclude them from Velocitab.
fallback_enabled: true
# The formats to use for the fallback group.
fallback_group: 'lobbies'