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Velocitab is a super-simple Velocity TAB menu plugin that uses scoreboard team client-bound packets to actually sort player lists without the need for a backend plugin. Supporting modern RGB formatting, animations, comprehensive placeholder support and defining multiple TAB menus for different groups of servers, Velocitab is a versatile plugin, useful for any Velocity-based proxy network.

Showcase of different TAB menus made with Velocitab.png


⭐ Flexible list sorting — Customizable TAB list sorting based on user role, server, placeholder, and more.

⭐ Versatile formatting support — Make your TAB list beautiful with full RGB color support, supporting MiniMessage, MineDown and legacy formatting modes.

⭐ Multiple TAB menus for different servers — Create server groups and configure different TAB lists to show for each group!

⭐ Animations support — Add extra flair to your TAB list or display additional information by creating pretty looking animations.

⭐ Player nametags — Customize how over-the-head nametags look to help players stand out in-game.

⭐ Full placeholder support — Comes with a robust set of built-in placeholders, MiniPlaceholders support, as well as PAPIProxyBridge for PlaceholderAPI support

Ready? Get started in a new TAB…


We suggest installing LuckPerms on your Velocity proxy and backend (Spigot, Paper, Fabric, etc.) servers for prefix/suffix formatting right out the box.

  1. Turn off your Velocity proxy server
  2. Download and place the plugin jar file in the /plugins/ folder of your Velocity proxy server.
  3. Start your Velocity proxy, and allow the plugin to generate its config file
  4. Edit the config.yml file to your liking
  5. Restart your Velocity proxy again

Need to make a quick config change? You can use the in-game /velocitab reload (permission: velocitab.command.reload) command, though we recommend restarting your proxy server for any major changes.


To build Velocitab, run the following in the root of the repository:

./gradlew clean build

The build will be output as /target/Velocitab-x.xx.jar.


Velocitab is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

  • Website — Visit my website!
  • Docs — Read the plugin docs!
  • Modrinth — View the plugin Modrinth page (Also: Hangar)
  • Issues — File a bug report or feature request
  • Discord — Get support, ask questions!

© William278, 2023. Licensed under the Apache-2.0 License.


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