API Events

HuskClaims provides several API events your plugin can listen to when players do certain town-related things. These events deal in HuskClaims class types, so you may want to familiarize yourself with the API basics first. Note that on cross-server setups, events only fire on the server the event occurred on and will not fire as a result of API calls/updates.

Bukkit Platform Events

Don't forget to register your listener when listening for these event calls.
Bukkit Event classSinceCancellableDescription
BukkitCreateClaimEvent1.0When a player creates a claim or admin claim
BukkitCreateChildClaimEvent1.0When a player creates a child claim
BukkitDeleteClaimEvent1.0When a player deletes a claim or admin claim
BukkitDeleteChildClaimEvent1.0When a player deletes a child claim
BukkitDeleteAllClaimsEvent1.0When a player deletes all their claims or all admin claims
BukkitResizeClaimEvent1.0When a player resizes a claim or admin claim
BukkitResizeChildClaimEvent1.0When a player resizes a child claim
BukkitTrustEvent1.0When a player trusts a user, group or trust tag in any kind of claim
BukkitUnTrustEvent1.0When a player removes trust from a user, group, or trust tag
BukkitTransferClaimEvent1.0When a player changes who owns a claim or admin claim
BukkitEnterClaimEvent1.0When a player walks into a (child/admin/regular) claim
BukkitExitClaimEvent1.1.2When a player walks out of a (child/admin/regular) claim
BukkitClaimBlocksChangeEvent1.0When a user has their claim block balance changed