Operation Groups

HuskClaims supports toggling Operation Groups within a claim to determine whether the plugin should prevent certain operations from occurring in a claim.

Toggling Operation Groups

Operation Groups can be configured in the plugin config and managed by any user who has the MANAGE_OPERATION_GROUPS trust privilege in a claim. Effectively, Operation Groups provide a way of letting players fine tune the flag settings of your claim.

By default, HuskClaims provides the Claim Explosions operation group to let you toggle whether explosion damage should be allowed in a claim.

Operation GroupToggle CommandDescriptionDefault
Claim Explosions/claimexplosionsToggle whether explosion block damage should be allowed in a claim. Includes block and mob explosions.

Customizing Operation Groups

Operation groups can be customised in the plugin config as follows:

Operation Groups (config.yml)
# Groups of operations that can be toggled on/off in claims
- name: Claim Explosions
  description: Toggle whether explosions can damage terrain in claims
  - claimexplosions

Whether an Operation Group is the default in a claim depends on whether the allowed_operations of the group are also present in the default_flags list in the config.