Conditional Placeholders

Velocitab Conditional Placeholders Documentation

In order to use these placeholders, install MiniPlaceholders on your Velocity proxy, set the formatter_type to MINIMESSAGE, and ensure enable_miniplaceholders_hook is set to true.

Conditional placeholders allow you to display different values based on certain conditions. The format is <velocitab_rel_condition|<condition>|<true>|<false>>.

Currently, this system is only available for the format and nametag fields in the tab groups configuration.

Table of Conditional Placeholders

Placeholder ExampleDescriptionExample Output
<velocitab_rel_condition:%vault_eco_balance% >= 10:rich:poor>Checks if the player's vault balance is greater than or equal to 10. If true, displays "rich", else "poor".rich or poor
<velocitab_rel_condition:%player_health% < 10:Low Health:Healthy>Checks if the player's health is below 10. If true, displays "Low Health", else "Healthy".Low Health or Healthy
<velocitab_rel_condition:%player_ping% <= 50:Good Ping:Bad Ping>Checks if the player's ping is 50 or below. If true, displays "Good Ping", else "Bad Ping".Good Ping or Bad Ping
<velocitab_rel_condition:%player_level% >= 30:High Level:Low Level>Checks if the player's level is 30 or above. If true, displays "High Level", else "Low Level".High Level or Low Level
<velocitab_rel_condition:%player_exp% >= 1000:XP Master:XP Novice>Checks if the player has 1000 or more experience points. If true, displays "XP Master", else "XP Novice".XP Master or XP Novice
<velocitab_rel_condition:"%player_name%" == ''AlexDev_'' OR "%player_name%" == ''William278_'':VelocitabDev:>Checks if the player's name is either "AlexDev_" or "William278". If true, displays "Developer", else "NotDev".Developer or NotDev
<velocitab_rel_condition:startsWith(''%player_name%'', ''AlexDe''):IsAlex:NotAlex>Checks if the player's name starts with "AlexDe". If true, displays "IsAlex", else "NotAlex".IsAlex or NotAlex
<velocitab_rel_condition:endsWith(''%player_name%'', ''278''):EndsWith278:DoesNotEndWith278>Checks if the player's name ends with "278". If true, displays "EndsWith278", else "DoesNotEndWith278".EndsWith278 or DoesNotEndWith278
<velocitab_rel_condition:"%player_gamemode%" == ''CREATIVE'':Creative Mode:Not Creative Mode>Checks if the player is in creative mode. If true, displays "Creative Mode", else "Not Creative Mode".Creative Mode or Not Creative Mode
<velocitab_rel_condition:"%player_world%" == ''nether'':In Nether:Not in Nether>Checks if the player is in the Nether. If true, displays "In Nether", else "Not in Nether".In Nether or Not in Nether
<velocitab_rel_condition:"%player_biome%" == "DESERT":In Desert:Not in Desert>Checks if the player is in a desert biome. If true, displays "In Desert", else "Not in Desert".In Desert or Not in Desert
<velocitab_rel_condition:''%player_gamemode%''.contains(''S''):Survival or Spectator:Not Survival or Spectator> Checks if the player is in survival or spectator mode. If true, displays "Survival or Spectator", else "Not Survival or Spectator".Survival or Spectator or Not Survival or Spectator
<velocitab_rel_condition:%player_health% == %target_player_health%:Same health:Not same health> Checks if the player's health is the same as the target player's health. If true, displays "Same health", else "Not same health".Same health or Not same health

Note: For string comparisons, use double quotes " " or single quotes ' '. For numerical comparisons, quotes are not needed. Also if you use ' for quotes, you need to escape them with ''. The same applies for " and "". Example: ''%player_name%'' or "'%player_name%'" In order to use papi placeholders for target you need to use ''%target_player_name%'' in order to get ''%player_name%'' replaced with the target player's name.

If you want to use : as a character in the condition or in the true/false value, you need to replace it with ?dp?. Example: <velocitab_rel_condition:%player_health% == %target_player_health%:Value?dp?True:Value?dp?False>.


If you want to compare audience player's health with target player's health, you can use the following configuration:

format: "<velocitab_rel_condition:%player_health% == %target_player_health%:Same health:Not same health>"

This is system is based on JEXL expressions.